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Safety, Trust & Sustainability

Since 2001, INFRUTA S.A.. has been dedicated to the research, innovation and development of solutions for the conservation, storage and transportation of table grapes, positioning itself at the forefront of the Fruit Industry.

Our SO2 Generating pads, PROTEKU Grape Guards are packaging devices developed under the highest quality standards, used in the control of fungi, particularly Botrytis Cinerea Pers, on table grapes and other species.

We have a team of professionals of the highest academic, technical, and commercial level that works directly with the main players in the fruit industry: growers, exporters, suppliers of raw materials, as well as research institutions and universities around the world.

Today PROTEKU Grape Guard is the best-selling brand of SO2 generating pads in the world. More than 150 million pads are produced and distributed annually. We are the leaders in the every national as well as the global market, achieving the most successful results in terms of safety, trust and sustainability.

Our work allows millions of people to enjoy fresh and healthy grapes anywhere on the planet throughout the year.

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High Quality Levels


Satisfy our customers with high quality products for the preservation of table grapes and other fruits in a sustainable and safe way, allowing our customers to market their products with high quality standards.


To be recognized as a global brand in table grape and fruit conservation through research, innovation and development based on the pillars of trust, safety and sustainability.

Day by day, we maintain strict quality standards in the purchase of supplies and raw materials. We strictly follow BRC standards obtaining BRC Packaging Certification for the last 7 years. We continuously improve our production processes, managing to satisfy our clients and adapt to their needs and requirements, in Chile and the world. The trust of our clients in the Proteku brand and in our products and services is the fundamental basis of Infruta S.A.