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Safety, Trust & Sustainability

Since 2001, INFRUTA S.A.. has been dedicated to the research, innovation and development of solutions for the conservation, storage and transportation of table grapes, positioning itself at the forefront of the Fruit Industry.

Our SO2 Generating pads, PROTEKU Grape Guards are packaging devices developed under the highest quality standards, used in the control of fungi, particularly Botrytis Cinerea Pers, on table grapes and other species.

We have a team of professionals of the highest academic, technical, and commercial level that works directly with the main players in the fruit industry: growers, exporters, suppliers of raw materials, as well as research institutions and universities around the world.

Today PROTEKU Grape Guard is the best-selling brand of SO2 generating pads in the world. More than 150 million pads are produced and distributed annually. We are the leaders in the every national as well as the global market, achieving the most successful results in terms of safety, trust and sustainability.

Our work allows millions of people to enjoy fresh and healthy grapes anywhere on the planet throughout the year.

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Protecting table grapes bunches in every corner of the planet

Proteku SO2 Generating pads, produced in Chile and Spain, can be purchased worldwide through our distributors and commercial agents.

Distributors and
Commercial agents

Productive Dynamism, Innovation & Development

Our infrastructure and manufacturing capacity allow us to be flexible and offer an excellent service to our clients. We adapt to the needs of each client in size and dosage of our products, with an expedited production time and speedy delivery.


Safety, Trust and Sustainability

PROTEKU Generating pads are manufactured in compliance with the BRC Packaging Standards since 2014, which allows us to ensure and guarantee the highest quality and food safety standards. The PROTEKU Generating pads are approved to be used in contact with food.

Infruta S.A. has the largest production capacity and a highly trained professionals and operators, who ensure production dynamism that allows us to respond efficiently and quickly to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Infruta S.A. is permanently innovating on all its products, looking for minimizing environmental impact, ensuring the quality and sourcing of the materials used in the manufacturing process, improving the safety of its products for efficient waste management and special attention for the welfare of workers.

Valued and Efficient After-Sales Service

It is essential in our business philosophy that the customers feel our help and support on each one of the phases of the using and managing our products. That is why we always respond to our customers requirements or questions after they buy our products. We have a highly qualified team of professionals to provide after sales support.

INFRUTA S.A provides assistance and technical support:

  • Technical consultations at the customer place or ours
  • Technical Trials for the use of SO2 Generating pads
  • SO2 Measurements during packaging or in cold rooms, in origin or destination
  • Periodical Reports about studies and measurements
  • Traceability

Safety, Trust & Sustainability


Address:Juan de la Fuente 534, Lampa, Santiago, Chile