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  • Do not use defective pad or torn pad.
  • Use a polyethylene liner in an appropriate shipping container.
  • If desired, cover bottom of the polyethylene liner with cushion / humidity absorb material or other suitable packing material and use a PROTEKU Bottom pad if needed.
  • Place grape bunches inside the liner according to packing protocols.
  • Select the appropriate PROTEKU Grape Guard pad to use on top of the box depending on the weight capacity and the size of the box.
  • Do not place more than one 1 gram of Active Ingredient per each kilogram of table grapes.
  • Fold the polyethylene liner over the grapes and close the box.
  • Place the boxes of packed grapes in refrigerated storage at 0 Celsius Degrees (32 – 35 Fahrenheit Degrees) and 95% Relative Humidity.
  • Remove pad from box before display of grapes for sale or after removal of container from retail store refrigeration facilities.